Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers' Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online Exams is the platform for conducting examination for students. Once registered teachers can create free and paid examination and publish them. All the examination will be available to the students after approved by one of our admin team member.

  • You can create examination using Create Exam in Teacher menu as shown below.

  • Online Exams is the easiest way to reach any Student across the globe which is not possible in paper based examination. Online examination remove the cost of conducting paper based examination. Once published the examination is always available for students to attend, and teacher can earn money continuously from the same examination.

  • You will provide your bank account details to us when you signup as a teacher. We will deposit your earning for the month is above Rs 100. If the balance is less than Rs 100, it will be included to the next month earning and once you have reached Rs 100 in total we will make the payment.

    You can always change your bank account detail in your profile setting.

  • It is depends on many factors such as the fee set for the examination and number of students attend the examinations. You can always bring more students by sharing your examination details in your social networks.

    Your share on the examination fee will be determined by admin while approving the examination.

    The more examinations you create and more students taking your examination will speed up the share increase.

  • Please send us the question by a message in our Facebook page or using our contact us form.